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With their flawless rendition, they convinced you things were real.Now what if we told you, things were actually real?The machines were adapted to provide a user interface to early mainframe computers and minicomputers, sending typed data to the computer and printing the response.Some models could also be used to create punched tape for data storage (either from typed input or from data received from a remote source) and to read back such tape for local printing or transmission.

Teleprinters are still widely used in the aviation industry (see AFTN and airline teletype system), and variations called Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf (TDDs) are used by the hearing impaired for typed communications over ordinary telephone lines. Teleprinters were invented in order to send and receive messages without the need for operators trained in the use of Morse code.

Learn about the origins of e-prescribing and its parallels with implementing telehealth into health systems by listening to our interview with Lori Metz, LCSW, CCM.

Clinicians can help their clients with attachment and romance by using a helpful book on online dating.

You have loved these tele actors enough and more for the life they bring into every role they play.

You have rooted for the love stories you saw on television and cried when they fell apart.

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    There’s nothing as bothersome as being on a date with someone who is preoccupied with his or her phone. Another good manner when texting and on a date is not to pry into your date’s phone.