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First Michael cancelled the store's annual Santa Claus parade.Then he wouldn't believe that Sabrina hadn't encouraged his teenage son to fall in love with her. Hollywood actor Vance van Sorel struggles with a failing marriage and a career that merely creeps along, when he is cast as a last minute replacement in the love story "Hearts' Desires".Yr: Dec-1995 (Harlequin Temptation #568)Genre: Contemporary Romance Publisher: Harlequin UNDER HER CHRISTMAS TREE, THE ONLY PRESENT SABRINA CATES HOPED TO UNWRAP WAS MICHAEL WORTH...After a rocky beginning--Sabrina almost had her boss, the new CEO of Worths Department Store, arrested for shoplifting--their relationship only got worse!Little orphaned Peter Balgare was no relation of Aileen's, but she felt responsible for him.Peter's father, she knew, had relatives in Spain, but he had never wanted to have anything to do with them - and when Aileen met Peter's uncle, the haughty Duarte Adriano, Conde de Marindos, she could easily understand why, and saw no reason why she should hand Peter over to him.But the flesh-and-blood man is even more powerful and sensuous than the hero she imagined... The first time she straggles home sopping wet after wading into a freezing stream to save a drowning kitten, she walks right into the handsomest man she has ever seen.

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For Vance the return to his home country Yr: Jul-2012 (Harlequin Special Edition #2198)Genre: Contemporary Romance Publisher: Harlequin Author Series: Royal Babies #1PRINCESS PIPPA' S FORBIDDEN ROMANCEThe shy, studious one among the royal Devereaux family of Chantaine, Pippa wasn't known for controversy.But Duarte Adriano was a force to be reckoned with - as Aileen discovered before long!The Realms of Gold by Elizabeth Hunter Harlequin Romance No.Two years earlier, a killer stalked the members of one of Ballinger's research studies including Gwen.And though she survived while two others didn't, Gwen knows that Ballinger's death is related.To add to the shock, two years seem to have disappeared from her life.Someone has gone to great and inexplicable lengths to keep those missing years hidden forever. The death of her friend and mentor, Evelyn Ballinger, brings psychic counselor Gwen Frazier back to the small town of Wilby, Oregon, and brings back memories she would rather forget.And worse, her father has been conspiring with his father on their marriage since they were babes. Likewise, Tristan has no intention of marrying a loose screw like Izzy, who when she is not driving him crazy might expose the secret injury that could cost him his Guards commission.The only thing they have in common is their grim determination not to FIVE YEARS TOO LATE....2048 -- 1977Emily Thorne considered herself the steady, quiet one of her family; she carried on with her job, saved for the future, hardly gave a thought to love and marriage. Perhaps her stormy relationship with the wealthy Demis Kaladonis would provide the answer. Houston Hayes has never had trouble maintaining his professional distance, until he meets resident Josie Adkins.DOWNLOAD Jamie Peters no longer believes in true love. Every time she drops a chart in his presence, he's treated to a view that makes him extremely interested in her bones. For a man who prides himself on control at all times, this is a problem.

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