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Hint: World class cities do not even call themselves "world class". Realistically, Toronto is in the Tier 3 level of world cities, but it is the third world city of the first world. You cannot claim outside cultures food as your own as they are just "guest foods".#I don't believe the hate (june 20, 2018) is proof exactly of what I had written. Job market: small, again meant for Cleveland type cities, too many job seekers (mass immigration) for little opportunity.Banal, dull, in denial, closed eyes, unrealistic, provincial, small-town, close-minded, dead = Toronto. USA is still the place to go, and you could be proud to be an American when you're there. Overall Toronto should have just respected and stayed their Cleveland nature and fix themselves before trying to go big. Add that with feminism and you get frustrated men like Alek Minassian who run over women using a rental van. I see many empowered whores in Toronto dressed more scantily than bar girls working in a Bangkok brothel. They think they are superior to men, and if a straight man ever tried to ask one on a date, they would summon the police.Transit: 2.5 subway lines only, for its population and a system that began very well in the 1950s. Toronto, pass on it, and don't even bother visiting it. Lots of empowered whores in Toronto are naked around children at the local parks and swimming pools.They love money and that is the only thing that makes contemporary male/female relationships stay together.I literally almost worked myself to death for my last woman.I told him and tell all young, single men reading this, there are none left in Canada. They all walk naked on the streets of Toronto, have careers where they have access to children such as elementary and secondary school teachers, have makeovers on Instagram and Snap-chat, and feature themselves pretty cool and very good looking; neither of which they are anymore. They all have lesbian tendencies and I have been directly told they dress for each other and for the children, not for men.Each and every femonist in Toronto is a pedophile who hates men but molests children.

Rarity do you see on the news about some feminist or feminist rat police informant being victim to gun violence in Toronto.

Once you fill your wallet you will be able to blow your load into your favorite hole before they bury your sorry ass. Yes rent is expensive but that's the way it is in all world class cities. Toronto needs to be declared the equivalent of when a body of water is "ecologically dead". You cannot live properly with all of the traffic and lack of infrastructure in Toronto. Bad design: Toronto is too suburban and this is very scary as it causes waste of land and too many cars and too much driving.

At #Pat, For the past decade that I've lived in Toronto it has only gotten more crowded, polluted, chaotic and stress, but good paying jobs that pay a living wage are very hard to find unless you are part of the top 10%. And if having a strong feminist movement is bad for you, then please, go elsewhere. Toronto is naturally made to be like Cleveland or Buffalo, but the gov't is disrupting it by making it "go big".

Families and young professionals are being driven out by high prices, but the government does not care because there will be a new batch coming next year. For newcomers to Toronto, who are not coming with a couple million dollars in cash and a 6 figure job offer from a bank, be aware of the following articles from reputable sources: - Foreign credentials are rarely recognized, or not at all.

I have met doctors who found jobs transporting patients or in call centers.

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