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Also , its really sad when even a guy like this took pity on her and got her food and bus home cause she was too poor.198394Dont know how it's complicated? If he doesnt realise he's doing it, then you, his friends, are cunts for not explaining things to him and just watching.

If he's messing with them because he was messed about by someone in the past, still a cunt, if anything even more of one because he should know what it feels like when someone messes with you.

And as the anon in 198719First of all, were all different anons retard, so cant all sage or single post.

And actually it CAN be both, just because things arnt black and white to you Kay, doesnt mean they cant be complicated.

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fucking…years…oldyou dont own the shop, you dot influence the managers, you dont own the right to decide who goes hwere, take your mad ass the hell outa my sight, go cool it off outside, its cold enough198257pure assumption at the most. geekaboo, sevral cons and forbidden planet all do yugioh tournamments. unless you psyically confiscate my catds, or brake my legs. maybe youll make me super nation wide famous, and ill put scottish cosplay on the map (not like the rest are doing it well are they)199633Old thread hit reply limit so didnt get deleted.blame the great brittish weather for deciding to thunder and lightning in the middle of fucking novemember, my internets been off and on all daydo you even know how IPs even work.jesuslike id left my fine ass of my chair to listen to you talk your ususal shit.199646You're the milk that turned sour in the light and people throw the fuck out , nobody wants sour milk, just like nobody wants you, and you're reputation is already made; As a cunt and a disgusting human.The fact you go on that fecal fest hole, or the fact you actually look at furry artor the fact you critize art that is 4 years old because thiers no shit you can say about all the art ive posted since being in the cosplay community. Your stuff genuinely looks like someone who's bought a beginners manga guide and just drawn the first character that first popped up.Like it is literally nothing special and for someone who has supposedly been doing art for as long as you claim, you would have thought you'd be doing better than churning this shite out.199657do you actualy vend at D con? I bet you would anyway199664HA, so youve gone from saying that its that i dont get enough sales, to you undercharge, dont make me fucing laugh my ass off here.Not hard to see, so well done, youre already famous.Expert on furry deviant art AYSgod i dont whats more gut wrenching.Also Reece, stop being pussy thirsty and white knighting and go back to creeping on the underage catty kids.198253The highlighted part, she obviously didnt understand her GR ban because as far as I was aware it she was only banned from selling at their events, not actually visiting the place, because of her tracing? Except, really it should be "envious", not jealous.She isnt taking anything away from people that would cause them to be jealous.198326Guys name is Terry Wan, he said in person and cant say who to as it would give the game away. Fraser , Andrew and Charlie are all laughing at him for taking pity on an ugly beast like her, how she thinks hes interested is beyond and of us.198395Well Sindy thinks hes attractive , so hes already out her league since she only likes folk leaps and bounds better looking than her, but yea p much.Also the fact someone mentioned their male friend messing with girls and then someone calling said friend a POS, with the original person replying it is complicated, safe to assume that unless someone is a complete loony, that it is different anons198449Its complicated because all girls in question have openly admitted mind fucking him.Stop acting as if Its so black and white when people dont want to go into issues. I have nothing personally to do with him so has nothing to do with me. Because its all hearsay, or is this another "selective feminist" points. Either way, said guy is cunt for other things also, not just that alone when both parties were just as bad.198461Also, were not the same……

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