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In the episode "Evil Bouquets Are Sooo Passe", Clover got extremely jealous when Sam dated her ex-boyfriend Fernando, despite the fact they broke up two years ago.

Hinting he may of been her first love or first serious boyfriend as they only separated due to him moving away.

The ancient marijuana stash is now housed at Turpan Museum in China.

Russo served as a visiting professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Botany while conducting the study.

Stash for the afterlife: A photograph of a stash of cannabis found in the 2,700-year-old grave of a man in the Gobi Desert.

Scientists are unsure if the marijuana was grown for more spiritual or medical purposes, but it's evident that the man was buried with a lot of it.

"This individual was buried with an unusual number of high value, rare items," Russo said, mentioning that the objects included a make-up bag, bridles, pots, archery equipment and a kongou harp.

The researchers believe the individual was a shaman from the Gushi people, who spoke a now-extinct language called Tocharian that was similar to Celtic.

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