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Even though she has been engaged with Trace, the couple has not yet decided to get officially legally bonded.

The two are taking time to make the final step, because they know how rocky their relationship can be.

But a few months more, she deleted any trace of him from her Instagram.

Finally, in February 2015, Trace started posting picture of him with Brenda, which could possibly mean they are a couple again.

The actress does not have much time for dates, and is a widely known celebrity, thus dating in public seems challenging at the moment.

She probably enjoys having dates at home, or in public areas that aren’t so open.

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They are always on the lookout for any new information on the two.

To which Demi responded: @ddlovato: I'm sorry, was that supposed to hurt? Oh well : DBut it seems like Trace is taking the news kinda hard! EVERMiley: @mommytish We can't control the path of their wicked hearts mama. I wish I could switch places with you right now, because I would. Miley: @tracecyrus "That's why they call them crushes.

When people decide to talk about people and situations they really know nothing about. We don't know what will happen next — and whether this will take a toll on Demi and Miley's friendship! Are Twitter-based relationships getting out of control?

Brenda has not revealed what she looks for in a man.

However, judging from her relationship with Trace, the actress probably prefers musicians and are passionate about their career.

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