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Before his death, Joey and his sister were planning to be adopted by his great-uncle Brian Grey and his wife, and daughter.

Both, along with their natural daughter, perish along with Joey and Gailyn.

After defeating them, Matt is led to believe that someone is attempting to take Bakuto's life and ups the security.

Despite this Bakuto believes that Matt was the one who sent the ninjas and begins plotting to kill him.

She and her brother, Joey are abducted and transformed by Nanny into a superhuman duo known as Shatterbox.

Joey Bailey is a child, mutant, and member of the extended "Grey Family" in the Marvel Universe.

He returned with soldiers to reclaim his jewel, which the Sandstormers had stolen.

From the moment Baal had found Nur, he was attached to him and even slew his own men to defend him.Years passed and En Sabah Nur had turned seventeen and has proven to his clan how strong he was, Rama Tut has grown tired in search of the Raiders.Logos, Rama Tut's vizier, had revealed the Sandstormers' lair and soon they were all massacred.Inside, Baal and his people found a wounded Kang, and nursed him back to health.When Kang recovered, he ran away and became pharaoh of Egypt as Rama Tut.Lenny Ballinger is the lead construction foreman for Damage Control.The character, created by Dwayne Mc Duffie and Ernie Colón, first appeared in Marvel Comics Presents #19 (May 1989). He had been working for Damage Control for 17 years and had been head foreman for 13.The jewel, "The Eye of the Ages" gives its holders glimpses into the future and Baal saw in it a man who would defeat him, this man was En Sabah Nur.The Sandstormers raided village after village in search for Nur and finally found him as a baby having been left to die on an altar of stones.Paul Bailey is a member of the extended "Grey Family" in the Marvel Universe.The character, created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, first appeared in X-Men #138 (October 1980). He was created by Jeff Parker and Roger Cruz and first appeared in X-Men: First Class Vol. Baker was one of the Skrulls that was sent to infiltrate the FBI for the upcoming Skrull invasion of earth.

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