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You can either mingle at the party (no point right now really as no renders are there but there is story info to find out) or you can head straight to Elise. If she isn't you can still take the first class but you'll miss out on an event. save before going into the class if you don't want to miss it, once you enter you can't leave until class is over. Once in Hef's mansion, if you decided to be nice to Elise, Blaze and Fire will leave the party. Or you can go to the Occult Science class and test out your new spells on Elise before having the first class, if Elise is there. Chronic Tower (Dope’s family business headquarters) interior mapped. Mega Link Google Link Mediafire Link Workupload Link Note: We are using a trusted url shortneing service to protect download links of Dope’s Lustful Adventures v0.11.5.1 from automated bots and this also helps us sustaining the server since we DO NOT use any harmful ads in this site. In the forest, go to the statue in the lower right corner. turn to the left, click on the rock, take some, add the rock to the statue. The shortner doesn't have any harmful popups so you can totally trust it and whitelist it in adblock. We post games like Dope’s Lustful Adventures from trusted sources like Patreon official release, creator's official site and F95. Go back to the Forest Center of the Northern Forest. (Save Editor people, if you want a challenge try fighting this boss) Kick bosses ass, or die, talk, leave dungeon. If you are in Europe you can always use this link to access the european chaturbate, this might be faster for you.We are the nation’s leading civil liberties advocate in the Supreme Court.Test it yourself and if you are not satisfied, feel free to leave a comment. We only share links of files provided by those sources. At the Forest Center, click on the magic circle, on the other side of the map, click on the green orb.

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