Updating a datagridview

Open() Dim cmd3 As New Ole Db Command("Update Building Set bldgname='" & bldgname. Text Dim ole Adapt3 As New Ole Db Data Adapter ole Adapt3. Open() Dim cmd2 As New Ole Db Command("Select * from Building", conn) cmd2. Text Dim ole Adapt2 As New Ole Db Data Adapter ole Adapt2. Execute Non Query() Dim bldgtbl As New Data Table ole Adapt2.

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You do this in one of three ways: When you data bind dataset tables to controls on a Windows Form or XAML page, the data binding architecture does all the work for you.

Ole Db Connection(mystr) ' Fill the data grid viewer connection. Ole Db Command("SELECT modify.[Server Name], modify.[Backup taken by], modify.[Action taken by] FROM modify", connection) adp = New Ole Db.

OLEDB.4.0;" & _ "Data Source=C:/Users/Space Era/Documents/mod.mdb") connection = New Ole Db.

Full Row Select For r As Integer = 0 To Data Grid View1.

Ole Db Connection Dim mystr As String Private Sub Form3_Load(By Val sender As System.

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