Updating a datarow

As you can see from the code, I called the Find method to find the row and called the Delete method of the Data Row.

After that I called the Data Adapter's Update method to save the changes to the database table.

Listing 5-46 Creates a new Data Row, sets the data of Data Row members, and adds rows to the table using the Add method of Data Table. Listing 5-48 show the code on the Insert Command button-click event.

As you can see from listing 5-48, I created a filled Data Set and created a new Data Row using the Data Table. After creating a Data Row, I set its column values and called the Data Adapter's Update method and displayed data in the Data Grid.

A typical scenario is, say you have to loop through a Data Table rows and do some calculations on the rows and delete some rows depending on the condition.

encounters a change to a Data Row, it uses the Insert Command, Update Command, or Delete Command to process the change. Rows(0) category Row("Category Name") = "New Beverages" adapter. Write Line("Rows after update.") Dim row As Data Row For Each row In category Table. Write Line(": ", row(0), row(1)) Next End Using End Sub either by returning the auto-increment value as an output parameter of a stored procedure and mapping that to a column in a table, by returning the auto-increment value in the first row of a result set returned by a stored procedure or SQL statement, or by using the are sent to the data source is important.

The following examples demonstrate how to perform updates to modified rows by explicitly setting the Private Sub Adapter Update(By Val connection String As String) Using connection As Sql Connection = New Sql Connection( _ connection String) Dim adapter As Sql Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter( _ "SELECT Category ID, Category Name FROM dbo. Update Command = New Sql Command( _ "UPDATE Categories SET Category Name = @Category Name " & _ "WHERE Category ID = @Category ID", connection) adapter.

So I tried to do the following by creating a function that takes the column name and the data row instance.You can avoid building Command objects manually by using Command Builder.As you saw in the Data Table, Data Row, and Data Column sections at the beginning of this article, you can use the Delete method of a Data Row to delete a row.You must explicitly set the commands before calling event and setting the Status to Skip Current Row. NVar Char, 15, "Category Name") Dim parameter As Sql Parameter = _ adapter. For more information, see Merging Data Set Contents and Handling Data Adapter Events. After that I assign values of the row and call the Data Adapter's Update method. Updating data using the Data Adapter's Update method Deleting a row is simple.Listing 5-50 deletes the row with the value Tst ID. Properties class Program Data Adapters and Data Readers Row States and Row Versions Accept Changes and Reject Changes Merging Data Set Contents Retrieving Identity or Autonumber Values ADO.The way the architecture works with the Data Adapter is that you can make any changes you want to the filled Data Set, and it won't affect the database until you call the Update method.I added new rows to the Customers table with Customer Id, Customer Name, and Company Name (named Tst ID, Lana Jackob, and Mindcracker Inc., respectively). Adding data using a Data Adapter's Update method Listing 5-49 shows an example that edits row data.The Find method returns the row with Customer Id = Tst ID.

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