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There may be additional giant arches still unknown to westerners in various parts of the world, especially the vast karst regions of China.Below are three possible contenders and we would appreciate any additional information about these arches. Chuanlongyan Through-Cave, China (reference 1, reference 2).In this case, the NABS-defined span would be the maximum horizontal dimension of the most constrained part of the opening, as shown.The advantage of the NABS system of measurement is that it can be applied to arches of any geometry and will always produce consistent results.(The latter two would be impractical to measure as well as difficult to precisely define.) And at exactly what points would you take the measurements?To attempt to answer these questions, the Natural Arch and Bridge Society assembled a working group of experts (including geologists, physical geographers, a physicist, and a mathematician) to come up with a set of standards and definitions for measuring natural arches.

What criteria would you use for "largest" — width, height, area, volume?Fairy Bridge is now known to exceed this dimension by a surprisingly large margin (see Measurement of Fairy Bridge). In his 1986 book Utah Canyon Country, Fran Barnes provided a list of nine arches that were 200 feet or more in span.The list was confined to the Colorado Plateau, but no arches of that size outside the Colorado Plateau were then known.The Whangarei District Plan sets out rules, policies and objectives for sustainably managing natural and physical resources in the Whangarei district. To make the District Plan easier to view, it has been split into chapters and maps.In instances where provisions are inconsistent between the Operative and Decison Versions of the District Plan they must both be considered until such a time as the Decision Version becomes operative.For many years the only two known contenders for this position were Landscape Arch in Arches National Park and Kolob Arch in Zion National Park.The most precise measurement of Landscape Arch was obtained in 2004, and the most precise measurement of Kolob Arch was obtained in 2006, finally establishing Landscape Arch as having the greater span (by a mere three feet).When this web page was first created in 1995, one arch from Barnes’ list (Owachomo Natural Bridge) was dropped, and another arch (Snake Bridge) was added.Here are some of the major changes to this page since it was first created: It is fairly likely that this list will change again in the future.Select from the list by clicking on the ' ' next to each heading in the table below to display the contents of each section. Maps are arranged in pairs (Environments and Resource Areas) for each geographical area.Information about how to use the maps can be found by following the link below.

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