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In most residential broadband set-ups, this will be the router provided by your Internet supplier.In commercial scenario’s, this could be a firewall or other routing device.

The exact methods in which it does this are outside the scope of this of this post (maybe one for the future! I primarily use Google’s Public DNS but you may choose to use your gateway IP to let your router deal with DNS.Changing the local hostname might make it unresolveable. Setting a static IP in Ubuntu is useful for a lot of things.To find your current gateway type/copy this command: The output will show a line containing the word ‘default’, the IP on this line will be the IP of your Network Gateway…sometimes used interchangeably with Default Gateway (sometimes incorrectly).These instructions assume you are using a wired ethernet port to set a static IP on and already have an internet connection to create a static IP for (otherwise you would be finding it hard to read this right now! Using Ubuntu’s graphical interface to set a static IP (as described in my previous article about setting a static IP using nm-tool), uses some underlying tools that disable the manual / terminal method which most Linux users are more adapted to.To regain control of our network interfaces we first have to disable nm-tools’ management of them.My default/network gateway is as shown below on the first line.A subnet is used to divide a network into logical groups – subnetworks.Since Ubuntu 15.04, the init daemon system was fully changed to systemd, this includes the latest LTS release, Ubuntu 16.04.Network Manager aims for Network Connectivity which "Just Works".

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