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To do this you can use the multiprocessing module (it is easier than it looks) Now you can set a timer in the GUI that periodically check the state of your task and update the progressbar.As the explanation is a little bit confusing, there is a demo code: #! Progress Bar() set_show_text(True) vbox.pack_start(self.pbar, True, True, 0) self.switch = Gtk.If something doesn't work the way it's supposed to or you simply don't want to use GNOME 3.20 any more, you can purge the PPA and go back to the default GNOME version (3.18) available in Ubuntu GNOME 16.04.You'll find instructions for how to do this at the end of the article.= divlist: gt_counter = 1 val = self.progressbar.get_fraction() 1/end self.progressbar.set_fraction(val)This is the code, after changing the Label to a Progressbar (as you can see.) But it won't work too. Only at the end, the progressbar is completely filled. The problem is that while your application is in the loop it does not allow Gtk to control the GUI (it just "freezes") so only the final modification is effective.So if your application is going to perform a heavy operation the best option is to launch it in a different process and set a communication channel to be able to check the progress.If your choice results in a dependency conflict that cannot be automatically solved, you need to solve it manually as described in Section 6.2.4, Checking Software Dependencies.

If a package, for example, uses a shared library, it will be dependent on the package providing this library.On the other hand, some packages cannot coexist with each other, causing a conflict (for example, you can only install one mail transfer agent: sendmail or postfix).When installing or removing software, the Software Manager makes sure no dependencies or conflicts remain unresolved to ensure system integrity.I've been using GNOME 3.20 in Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 for a few hours and I didn't encounter any major issues however, there might be things I didn't notice.Furthermore, bugs can be introduced with future updates, especially since the PPA packages are not as widely tested as the packages available in the official Ubuntu repositories.The software manager also offers different views and filters for displaying package lists.These are available from the pull-down menu in the upper left corner: Certain packages are dependent on other packages, such as shared libraries.To disable this function, uncheck Unless you are very experienced, follow the suggestions Ya ST makes when handling package conflicts, otherwise you may not be able to resolve them.Keep in mind that every change you make, potentially triggers other conflicts, so you can easily end up with a steadily increasing number of conflicts.In case there exists only one solution to resolve a dependency or a conflict, it is resolved automatically.Multiple solutions always cause a conflict which needs to be resolved manually.

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