Updating iatkos 5i

Make sure you first backup /System/Library/Extensions/Apple Intel Integrated to your documents.Restore it after i Deneb BEFORE anything else by entering voodoo -s at boot (if you're not taken to single-user mode (terminal), enter it again when your computer reboots). Enter the command that you see on your screen that says to modify files (this mounts your disk).Follow these instructions exactly as they are in the same order.However, your graphics card drivers will be borked.Then enter these commands: rm -R /system/Library/extensions/Apple Intel Integrated cp -R /Users/your-username here/Documents/Apple Intel Integrated /System/Library/Extensions chmod -R 755 /system/library/extensions/Apple Intel Integrated chown -R root:wheel /system/library/extensions/Apple Intel Integrated kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions reboot Some permissions will be broken.Run Disk Utility (off i PC install DVD) and run Repair Permissions. Sleep powers down HDD/screen but CPU fan still running.an X200 in 1280x800 is a GREAT sexy machine at merely around US-80 in the second hand market today.Intel wireless will not work, so I first purchases Atheros card for Lenovo off of Ebay fo .00 and installed.

Also during installation and boot you need to boot using the cpus=1 option. I then updated using the Combo Update, which broke the graphics, so after that install I reloaded the i PC DVD and deselected the Core Components and just reinstalled the GMA950 driver. Make sure you go in the appropriate subfolder and install the combo, not the delta and not the tools.

Once you get to the OS X desktop use Software Update to install all the updates from Apple. Attempted to fix by deleting Apple from extensions folder. Attempt #2 I installed cpu 1 fix & ACPI fix (from i PC DVD) and it seemed to help with fan cooling.

Install "Dell Inspiron 1525 DSDT.aml" to root director��������������y Install "Chameleon 2.0 RC5 Revision 619" Next install "GMA965 X3100V1.zip" package (search for "GMA 965 X3100 Quartz Extreme") to enable Core Image/Quartz extreme. UPDATE - I've come to the conclusion that the selection of power management requires testing.

Everything is working now except waking from Sleep. The second is the one that I used, and QE/CI does work, so unless someone reports that it does for the first one, I would recommend using the second. \ Update: Full QE/CI supported with i Deneb after suitable kexts installation - see below. Go ahead and go through the configuration that comes with the fresh install of OS X. Over the years of using Leopard I've had my AC/DC adapter die twice. The computer ran hotter (to the touch) than my Windows partition.

Copy over the kexts listed below, along with Kext Helper to your desktop. If not on the first try, try rebooting a few more times. It does all sorts of stuff if you just close it, so make sure to manually put it in sleep first. The AC/DC adapter was extremely hot (to the touch) and ended up being damaged by the excessive heat.

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