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The maximum lifetime was found to be extremely long, 30-and 250-times longer than those of Diamond and commercially available best carbon foils, respectively.The foils were also found to be free from any shrinkage, and to show an extremely low thickness reduction rate even at a high temperature of 1800K during long beam irradiation.Study on circuit configuration of the power supply with SMES has been continued.Present status of the R & D for the SMES system and small case experiment result will be discussed.Recently, we have successfully developed hybrid type thick boron mixed carbon stripper foils (HBC-foil).Namely, the lifetime measurement of the foils was tested by using a 3.2 Me V, Ne DC beams of 2.5 u A, in which a significant amount of energy was deposited in the foils.The aging components of LANSCE will be refurbished and modernized in the next few years and the LANSCE will continue serving as a prominent facility for both science and national security in the years ahead.

Intense pulses of neutrons are produced at 50 Hz when a heavy metal target is bombarded with a beam of high energy (800Me V) protons.

Energy is imparted to the protons by accelerating them in a synchrotron, the magnets of which are connected in a configuration known as a White Circuit*.

This White Circuit suffers from problems arising from drifting values of capacitance and inductance which affect the resonant frequency.

Clinically relevant light ions and protons have quite different beam rigidities, therefore leading to quite different gantry solutions.

The Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) accelerator was built over 30 years ago.

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