Updating immigration status on oes nexus

I know several people who had their passport information updated there that way; no appointment was necessary. Though the guy at the ORD office that i talked to on the phone insisted it needed to be done at a NEXUS office.

My understanding of GOES is that the documents listed on the manage membership section are always what was listed on your last application/enrollment.

He made a photocopy of my documents but did not take my Nexus card (perhaps because it doesn't need to be renewed until 2020).

When I tried to use it at a Nexus kiosk, there was a message about "document expired". When I got home and logged into GOES, I saw that my permanent resident card was still listed as an "Admissibility Document"; it expired last July although I had already turned it in at the naturalization ceremony.

She also has her Nexus card taken away, and gets told she needs to renew (hers expires at end of April, but was told if she wasn't, she needed a new card anyway because an American citizen can't have "Canadian" listed as their primary citizenship). So of course, at the kiosk, she scans her US passport, and gets a message - don't remember exactly what it is, but a big "we're sorry" and then something about being a lawful permanent resident.

She has to fill out a form as she sees the customs guy - no one's sure exactly what's going on. We log into GOES, and see her passport is entered, but her LPR card info is also still there (in update documents section).

Both my Canadian and US passports are listed in the Citizenship information section, with the US one listed as "Citizenship that you will declare when entering the United States".

I have not yet resolved this issue but here's what I've done so far: The next time that you are near LAX, you may want to stop by the Global Entry Enrollment Center at TBIT and ask them to update your documents.

The next time that you are near LAX, you may want to stop by the Global Entry Enrollment Center at TBIT and ask them to update your documents.

She has always been a Canadian citizen, and has been an LPR since ~2012.

Never had an issue - she uses her greencard in the GE machine and goes through no issues.

currently in there, hoping that by excluding it in the renewal (since it doesn't exist any longer), and having her US citizenship info.

in there, it will overwrite what is currently in there about her LPR status.

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