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If you have great ideas, cool projects, or is in general an awesome person, get in touch and we might find out together.There is a big need to build fully customizable forms in Share Point.

The underlying technique of getting the form to work, however, doesn’t need custom WSP development at all.It does require HTML, a bit of Java Script including j Query and SPServices, and you’ll need to setup a content type and a list to hold the submitted form data.All of the techniques shown here rely on Share Point Designer and a bit of know-how only; no custom development, no external dependencies, no programming required (unless you count copy-pasting some j Query code programming).So, I’ve been hanging out a bit in the Share Point subreddit and I was asked what companies do if they need custom forms and cannot do custom development.The normal answer would be to use Info Path, but let’s face it, even with a very sympathetic sales rep, you’re still looking at thousands of dollars in license fees alone, not to mention that you’d still need to develop, test, and maintain those forms.I have tried several form builders, but wasn’t really happy with the restrictions that it comes with.So I wrote this plugin that will create HTML forms in Share Point. But the most important thing is – it’s customizable. The gist of it is, all you have to do is match the column names in Share Point – to the field in the List.Who said you couldn’t do Share Point 2007 development on Linux?Here’s the video, feel very free to post comments, questions, and so on below.Simply add the rules to the input/textarea/select as an attribute called “data-rules“. If you want to go back to a black form – simply remove the “? In the default “Thank you” message there is a link to create another record: Clicking this link will reload the page – with the form fields ready to go. – the input field of type “file” and MUST be named “attachment” will add the file as an “attachment” to the list item: The code for this field looks like below.And if you need to use more than one, simply separate it with a pipe “|”. It’s basically a select tag, with “options” inside it. It looks something like below: Simply add more options to the “select” tag to build your drop down list. Those are all in the demo HTML: It is fully commented and you should be able to figure it out easily. Again, refer to the HTML and it should have this field already setup for you.

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