Updating ms access table vba

Then you can create an update querydef on the fly, if you have to do bulk updates. I got it to work using Query Defs :) All I had to do is create the temporary table in the backend table, which made updating much easier, rather than updating a remote table with a local table.Have you worked with dynamically building querydefs? Then the update worked fine using the Query Defs method.Execute LUpdate, db Fail On Error Set Lrs = Nothing Set db = Nothing Update Amounts = True On Error Go To 0 Exit Function Err_Execute: Update Amounts = False End Function You can then call the function from a Form (ie: button click event, etc) or a Macro and it will update the Deposit Amount and Withdrawal Amount fields.

Note that the criterion under the field Schd_desc could also be coded as “Lecture” Or “Lab.” If you code the criteria on separate lines in the query, they function as an OR condition.Many of us use Microsoft Access to extract data from Banner or other enterprise systems, or to store data that doesn’t fit in our enterprise system.This tip provides an overview of the criteria field in Access queries, including Flexible Criteria, Date Criteria, and Using Tables as Input.In this example, you would include the following criterion under the Start_date field: Date Part("m",[start_date])=6 This criterion extracts the month from Start_date and evaluates it to see if it is equal to 6 (i.e. Similarly, if you wanted to extract all records with a start date in calendar year 2012, you could use the following syntax: Date Part("yyyy",[start_date])=2012 As another example, let’s say you want to extract all sections that were offered in the past two years.You could use the following criterion under the Start_date field: Only Biology lecture sections offered in term 201530 are included, as specified by the values in the base table.This gets a little bit trickier, but it can be done using the following syntax in the criteria field.field you would enter the following criterion: Like "*" & [Enter subject or blank for all: ] & "*" If you enter a specific subject code at the prompt, say MATH, the criteria field is parsed as *MATH*, which would give you what you want – in this case the wildcard characters won’t affect the criteria.So, if you ran the query and entered “ENGL” as the first prompt and “No” at the second prompt, the output would look something like this: ), you can code just a single criteria in the Start_date field to select records with a specific value.For example, if you specify #9/8/15# the query only returns records with a start date of September 8, 2015.If you try to copy the criteria fields shown below directly to Access, you may get an extra set of quotation marks that will need to be deleted.Microsoft Word quotation marks do not always work in Access As it stands, the query pulls every course offered for the past several years (almost 9,000 records).

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