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That's probably because for many or most applications, those features don't matter.I should also point out that the set of features missing from My SQL continues to shrink over time.Do these omissions mean that My SQL isn't a "real" database system?Some people think so, but in response I'll simply observe that the lack of these capabilities in My SQL hasn't stopped large numbers of people from using it.The syntax for all SQL statements implemented by My SQL is listed in Appendix D, "SQL Syntax Reference." In addition, you should consult the My SQL Reference Manual for additional information, especially for changes made in recent versions of My SQL.The final section of the chapter describes what My SQL does not include—that is, what features it lacks.

5 | | -------- -------------------------------------------- Update column in a table whose values are not found in another table. The latter, however, swaps the values of column "name" in table tab1 with tab2.

This facilitates to update table1 column with expression whose corresponding value from table2 is returned as NULLupdate tab1, tab2 set tab1.name=tab2.name,tab2.name=tab1where tab1.id=tab2.idupdate tab2, tab1 set tab1.name=tab2.name,tab2.name=tab1where tab1.id=tab2The former leads to the values of column "name" in two tables are equal and equal to the original tab2

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