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This is not a company policy suggestion and should not of been suggested.We prefer to provide you a link to download the Adobe software from an Adobe server.The main article had: I was connected with a sales rep.His manor was very professional, and I could tell he was smart.Besides, they make more than enough cash off people and little freebie won’t hurt them, right? By pirating Photoshop or other photo-editing software, the only message we send out is that we don’t actually care about them at all.

I can help you with downloading the software from the Adobe’s server.If you're not good at it, that reflects on you and your company and the seriousness with which they take the customer care function.Poor communication started the problems here with this customer so it is an especially touchy subject for Adobe.I was hoping for a successful resolution to the story at that point, given he was apparently meeting the sales guy at his palatial home.Are you having difficulty understanding Scott's message or intent? If public communication isn't your thing, how hard is it to find someone to proofread your message when you're working at a corporation?The truth is that Adobe’s move to cloud-based distribution does effectively crack down on some piracy, but not from a technological perspective, rather, an economic one.(The proverbial carrot instead of the proverbial stick.) With today’s desktop-based suite, you need to spend 0 to use the standard full version of Photoshop.(As a brief aside: Have you ever stopped to think how strange it is that “Photoshop” has crept into linguistic usage as a word to describe the manipulation of images? That’s multiples of the price Microsoft levies for its Office suite and about the average price consumers pay for an entire laptop.So you start to wonder – just how many people have encountered a pirated version of Photoshop, exactly?In either case he's not the person Adobe should have handling a PR situation.I think a lot of time is wasted on perfecting spelling/grammar because of comments like the one above.

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