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In both cases it cannot inject keystrokes or button clicks since XTEST is needed for that (it can still move the mouse pointer using the X API 20/03/2005 WARNING: XTEST extension not available (either missing from 20/03/2005 display or client library lib Xtst missing at build time.) 20/03/2005 MOST user input (pointer and keyboard) will be DISCARDED.20/03/2005 If display does have XTEST, be sure to build x11vnc with 20/03/2005 a working lib Xtst build environment (e.g.xscreensaver or xlock.) When I remotely access my workstation desktop via x11vnc I can unlock the desktop fine, but I am worried people will see my activities on the physical monitor.What can I do to prevent this, or at least make it more difficult?Can I take advantage of the Tight VNC extension to the VNC protocol where Cursor Positions Updates are sent back to all connected clients (i.e.

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If information is printed out about the X display (screen sizes, supported extensions, color visuals info) that means the X11 permissions are set up properly: Speaking of permissions, it should go without saying that the host-level firewall will need to be configured to allow connections in on a port. 5900 (default VNC port) or 22 (default SSH port for tunnelling VNC.) Most systems these days have firewalls turned on by default, so you will actively have to do something to poke a hole in the firewall at the desired port number.It is recommended that you install the necessary development packages for XTEST (perhaps it is named something like libxtst-dev) and run configure again.========================================================================== We apologize that x11vnc does not build cleanly on older versions of Solaris, Linux, etc.: very few users are on these old releases.Q-5: Hopefully the build steps above and FAQ provide enough info for a painless compile for most environments.Please report problems with the x11vnc configure, make, etc.I have two separate machine displays in front of me, one Windows the other X11: can I use x11vnc in combination with Win2VNC in dual-screen mode to pass the keystrokes and mouse motions to the X11 display?Color problems: Why are the colors for some windows incorrect in x11vnc?Can I prompt the user at the local X display whether the incoming VNC client should be accepted or not? How about running an arbitrary program to make the decisions?I use a screen-lock when I leave my workstation (e.g.You will be able to move the mouse but not click or type.There can also be deadlocks if an application grabs the X server.

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