Updating private repo linux

It comes with MATE desktop environment and the powerful interface is derived from famous Gnome 2.This highly customizable hacking oeprating system also comes with a strong community support.This excellent hacking operating system comes with a wide variety of tools that fall under categories like Exploit, Cracker, Database, Scanner etc.This Gentoo derivative inherits the Gentoo Hardened feature set that brings additional control and configuration.

A security-focused operating system is a hacker’s best friend as it helps them to detect the weaknesses in computer systems or computer networks.

Download Parrot Security OS Back Box Linux is an Ubuntu-based operating system with its focus on security assessment and penetration testing.

Back Box Linux comes with a wide range of security analysis tools that help you in web application analysis, network analysis etc.

It’s often called the best operating system for Web Penetration Testing.

Download Samurai Web Testing Framework Based on Gentoo Linux, Pentoo is a pen testing operating system that is available as a 32 and 64-bit installable Live CD.

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