Updating prosafe

Yokogawa's STARDOM and transmitters are used for the micro ethanol distillation plant to develop future engineers.

In addition, Yokogawa has enhanced its support organization to ensure that its customers receive all necessary technical support with their system maintenance activities.CENTUM VP supports a wide variety of communication interfaces and digital field networks such as FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, PROFIBUS-DP, Modbus RTU, Modbus CP/IP, and Device Net.Device diagnosis communication and SOE functions are enhanced.With this new version of CENTUM VP, downtime is eliminated, productivity is enhanced, and users are able to take advantage of the latest control technologies. Ability to quickly perform minor modifications to applications software For this latest version of CENTUM VP, modifications have been made to AD Suite* that give users the ability to quickly and easily implement modifications to application control logic and alarm attributes.Such modifications to system software can be immediately executed with the single action of clicking on an icon on the editor screen.CENTUM VP is the ninth generation in the CENTUM series.Known for their rugged performance, CENTUM systems set high standards for engineering and technology excellence while ensuring backwards compatibility with previous system versions and support of the latest technology applications.Each processor module has redundant CPUs that execute the same computations simultaneously.Their outputs are constantly compared and a bump-less switchover to the stand-by processor module is initiated if any anomalies caused by electronic noise or other phenomena are detected.All the CENTUM series field control stations (FCSs), both software and hardware, have been developed by Yokogawa.CENTUM VP can be flexibly designed ranging from small- to large-scale.

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