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If the cost of the assembly total bill of materials changes, should Quick Books automatically update the sales price?

Again, a selection in this checkbox indicates that yes, it should.

Here's an article on How to Confirm if Sync Occurred.

For more details on using our Quick Books Desktop and Revel POS Sync Application, please see here - Revel POS to Quick Books Desktop Sync App.

These settings affect the Cost field in an item setup window.The first field is labeled “If item cost changes on a purchase.The choices are Always update item cost, Never update item cost, or Ask about updating item cost. If we enter a bill purchasing Virus Vac A at 30.00, the following popup appears.If you do not automatically change the cost, there is no way to automatically change the price. Quick Books will change this value in the item window when this transaction is completed. A cost of 37.50 times 100% yields a price of 75.00.Now, if Quick Books updates the new cost to 30.00, in order to maintain the price markup of 100%, the price will be updated to 60.00.The sync application will send that data automatically each day. To do so, simply open the sync application and check the 'status'.This will show as updated or completed if sync has gone through and will provide the most recent date that was synced.Let’s go back to our Automatic Cost & Price Updates window.The bottom section in the preference window deals with assembly type items.This is not the Quick Books calculated cost, but the Cost field that is set by the user.Although the Quick Books calculated cost (Average or FIFO if it is selected with Advanced Inventory) is used in accounting computations, the user edited Cost field is used in cost and price calculations.

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