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ZDNet's David Gewirtz, Jason Perlow, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, and Mac developer Oliver Breidenbach discuss whether there's a future for pro Mac users. Sometimes, Apple holds a big event in the spring, where it updates some other stuff.

Read More And, they did it -- in the opinion of this columnist at least -- in a tone-deaf, we-don't-really-care-about-pro-users-needs kind of way. Then, in the early summer, Apple holds WWDC, its big developer conference, where product intros are a complete wild card.

There is absolutely no doubt they'd make pro users feel respected and well-treated.

It's possible they just weren't sure the supply chain would be successful, but, then again, they were comfortable pre-announcing some sort of a new Mac Pro years before it is going to be available. As a former product manager, I know that you never really, truly know if your product is going to launch until it actually does.

What Apple could, and should, do is honor returns of Mac Book Pros for anyone who bought them from June 4 (the first day of WWDC on).

Apple rarely makes a vast improvement to a product shortly after a product event. For buyers of professional-level Macs, which are insanely expensive, this cadence is critical.

The last thing anyone wants to do is settle for a vomit-inducingly high-priced Mac and then discover there's a new one, one that you really would have preferred, that's been introduced just a little while later. On July 12, exactly 35 days later, Apple introduced an updated Mac Book Pro, a Mac Book Pro capable of supporting 32GB of RAM, instead of the paltry 16GB most Macs max out at.

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