Updating sql server 2016 r2

Though other vendors may offer tools for reporting or data work, Microsoft continues its tradition as an end-to-end Business Intelligence leader.Microsoft offers a wide range of tools for Extract, Transform and Load (ETL), Analytics, and Reporting, from enterprise as well as self-service perspectives.Heavy users of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) haven’t had much incentive to upgrade since the 2008 R2 rollout – until now. Microsoft has made major improvements to the latest version of its report-generating software.Here are three great reasons to consider upgrading: The background investments in SSRS 2016 have created a truly modern reporting tool.SSRS 2016 now supports high DPI (dots per inch) helping to present content in an easily readable way, reducing eye fatigue and thereby allowing for increased productivity.

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I know they've been working on bolstering the regression testing and therefore the stability that you can expect from cumulative updates, but until that disclaimer disappears, you're going to continue to have to seek out cumulative updates on your own.I try to keep people updated on all updates (service packs, cumulative updates, and out-of-band on-demand hotfixes) for SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014, with some qualitative advice thrown in where appropriate: From those two posts, you can probably guess that if people had received the most recent cumulative updates automatically, through Windows Update, they would be plenty upset, and justifiably so.I'm all for deploying cumulative updates but this rash of problems has made me adjust my timeline for doing so - like add a month, maybe, so that other people can shake these issues out and I stop being the guinea pig. Please don't install any SQL Server update via windows update feature it does not always functions correctly.I don't know that they should be provided via Windows Update, though, because that just makes it possible for a service pack to be deployed automatically.I don't like that idea at all - and I don't get a warm and fuzzy about how often I have to disable the "force feed me updates" setting and change it to a more appropriate "download them and tell me about them" option.The time for the outage varies based on your engine version and the size of your DB instance.For information about what SQL Server versions are available on Amazon RDS, see Microsoft SQL Server on Amazon RDS.The most common technique to have a consistent collation for the instance and all it databases has a lot of steps and can sometimes be problematic. A simple way to correct the collations in a few steps is outlined in this tip.It is recommended to create a backup of all databases (including system databases) before take administrative actions on a SQL Server instance.Previously, the wide range of tools raised questions and confusion in users, and clear use directions weren’t officially provided.With SQL 2016, Microsoft has posted a strong reporting roadmap (read about it in detail here).

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