Updating sys servers

As with all of the other certificates that you deploy within your enterprise, there must be a process to manage and renew certificates prior to them expiring.

If a certificate expires this can be summarised quite simply as not good!

You can follow the below steps to update the SQL Server system metadata which stores the physical server name in sys.servers.

The below solution works for default and named SQL instances on a standalone machine (non-clustered).

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For some properties, the server might have to be restarted before the change can take effect.That’s enough doom and gloom, time to get back to ensuring this does not happen!If we review Certificate Requirements for Federation Servers on Tech Net, there are multiple certificate types that come into play.Some server properties can be viewed or changed by using SQL Server Configuration Manager.For example, you can view the version and edition of the instance of SQL Server, or change the location where error log files are stored.Users will be unable to access Office 365 services in most cases.The below are some images that you will most likely NOT want to see in production.If one of these are about to expire, you will get the alert as shown below in the Office 365 Portal.Clicking the link in the alert will take you to: Renewing Federation Certificates for Office 365 and Azure AD.The ALTER SETTINGS permission is implicitly held by the sysadmin and serveradmin fixed server roles.For more information, see Server Configuration Options (SQL Server).

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