Updating the bios for an asus a8n sli delux

Again we'll take a closer look at the technology behind this in the pages ahead.

One thing is for certain, Asus isn't cutting back on their hardware and software bundle for the A8N SLI Premium.

(B) upgrading the CPU and memory and adding a RAID card to this motherboard.

The downside of trying to replace the motherboard is that I've never done it - and while I'm reasonably technically proficient on the software side - I only know enough to be dangerous on the hardware side.

I hadn't realized how abismal the performance was on this thing until I came home and tried to switch back from my laptop (Mac Book Pro) to this desktop .... Callandor - what am I looking at to implement your recommendation - in terms of (a) difficulty (b) expense (c) what componants can I reuse from my current configuration? Item=N82E16820145241 Total cost 8 or 3 after rebates.

You can reuse everything else, but floppy drives are kind of useless these days.

Specifically the 20/24 pin main power connector and the 4/8 pin AUX connector.

Then on a seperate requirement I failed to emphasize before - I need at least one firewire 800 connection for the RME fireface 800 I listed above - am I getting one out of the config we're talking about? A Quad might not be a bad idea with all that going on. The CPUs have nothing to do with the 4 gigs of ram. The Gigabyte will probably handle 8gigs, but filling all 4 slots can cause problems with some mobos, others will bearly blink (even among the same model) As for Firewire, some mobos have it onboard.

But the addon cards aren't that much, if you don't see one that also meets your other requirements it's very likely I would have Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Some serious WAVE Editor and Pro Show Producer all open at the same time ...

Finally, the Asus utilities and drivers disc, in addition to all the required motherboard chipset drivers and such, also includes Asus' proprietary utilities like "AI Booster" for overclocking, "AI Selector" for Windows-based SLI configuration and PC Probe, Asus' Health Monitoring software.

I don't know where the cost/muscle trade off comes out on: (A) replacing my motherboard, memory and CPU as a package, reusing what I can from the current system; vs.

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