Updating the flip usb driver avr

On Windows, you need to install the AVR 32 Drivers .

updating the flip usb driver avr-41updating the flip usb driver avr-72updating the flip usb driver avr-39

Open a Terminal window and move to the path were you saved the script and type as following to get the help: shield has been updated, you can connect an USB to Serial adapter to the FTDI socket and access to the serial debug terminal if the startup message contains the updated date.

The library can use any of the digital input signals to receive the input from a 38KHz IR receiver module.

It has been tested with the Radio Shack 276-640 IR receiver and the Panasonic PNA4602.

This infrared remote library consists of two parts: IRsend transmits IR remote packets, while IRrecv receives and decodes an IR message.

IRsend uses an infrared LED connected to output pin 3.

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