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Mark Strauss (Ph D, Aberdeen) is professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary (San Diego).Bible software programs have revolutionized the way students of the Bible access, study, and engage the Scriptures.

In it, he claims this use of the future “provides a more solemn tone than a simple imperative” (p. However, there is not sufficient explanation why this is so.

His books include is a useful resource created to help pastors, teachers, and students engage the original languages.

He has written extensively in New Testament studies, translation, hermeneutics, and application.

Additionally, the book’s conciseness hurts the explanations of grammatical functions and certain structural indicators at times.

For example, when explaining the three different uses of the adjective (i.e., attributive, substantive, and predicative), there is no explanation of the structural clues one may use to determine which to use in translation (pp. The same is true for his explanation of infinitives and their use with articles and prepositions.

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