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If you're like most of us, you'll be glad you discovered Easy ROR! Your true investment performance over any time period can be accurately obtained from data entered in just a few minutes, regardless of the quantity, type, or diversity of your investments.

The Online "Clearance Activity" drill-down report allows you to quickly and easily reconcile trade activities with your clearing banks at any time intra-day.It retains investment data for any number of portfolios, and can import or export spreadsheet text files Don't trust a strategy without tracking your performance!Authorization codes are created when a user authorizes your application for access to their account.Returns can be reported and annualized both before or after tax, and gross or net of fees.Produce reports for single, monthly, quarterly or annual periods, showing both individual and cumulative period results.Available scopes: Get quotes Get time and sales Get option chains Get option strikes Get option expirations Get historical pricing Get the intraday status Get the market calendar Search for a company Lookup a symbol Streaming quotes Tradier Inc.and its corresponding technology services (including API services) are distinct and separate from the services provided by Tradier Brokerage Inc.Trade Blazer supports all aspects of receive/deliver (Clearance) processing including: The system employs a scalable, multi-layered architecture that keeps business logic independent from database and network technology.Trade Blazer is designed to be fault-tolerant and may be deployed across all major platforms including Windows, Unix, Solaris and Linux.It can be configured to use any major relational database including Oracle, Sybase and Postgres.A key mandate in the development of Trade Blazer was that new features must be implemented in a timely fashion without major re-testing of the system.

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