Validating xml document

A date like: "" will, in some countries, be interpreted as 3. Think of the following situation: you order 5 gross of laser printers, instead of 5 laser printers.

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bugs will be fixed, but the class and method definitions will remain unaltered (if possible).You may mix both versions at runtime, but only one of them can be used as a design time package in the same project.For instructions about how to do this see the file included in the package's zip-archive."Which version shall I use? If you want to get the most out of ADOM, use the development version.When we receive the document, we would like to validate it before processing it.I think Cold Fusion is up to this from reading the documentation, but we have not got anything working yet.All of these functionalities are wrapped up into one, easy to use, application.XML Edita’s objective is simple : being your one-stop shop for creating, modifying, validating, formating, organizing and save your XML documents and schemas.Composing an XML schema can be time consuming and complex, but XML Edita changes all of that.XML Edita’s XSD Composer is an easy to use, visual tool to help you add or modify the structure as well as the attributes of each node separately.The software listed here was developed for Delphi 5 and above, and sometimes, when stated so, also for Delphi 3.I could not verify whether it works in Delphi 4, too.

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