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Security, so Intelli Sense did not throw a flag when specifying the class. The project had a reference to the class, but it could not load the class because the containing assembly (...

Version shows only version even if my application is version

Common requirement when creating a build for your .

NET project is to stamp assemblies with some build version number.

What we want from the build script (for now) is basically just to have the common assembly version number changed via a parameter (eventually to be passed in by the build server) and then for the project to build.

Also we’d like to have a flexibility to define what build configuration to use (debug, release, etc).

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Application Services' is missing from your project or the type 'System. Of course, each project in your solution has an Assembly file which provides, among other things, the ability to set the Assembly name and version number.Unfortunately, setting the assembly version here would require not only changing the version manually for each build (depending on your schedule), but keeping it in sync across all projects.In order to find/replace the version number, we are going to use a Regular Expression to find and replace the text within your Common Assembly file.There are many other ways to do this using community build task add-ins, but since we want to keep it simple let’s just define the Regular Expression task manually in a new file, Build.tasks (this example taken from the Nu Get build.tasks file).An example Assembly file is as follows: Next, you need to “link” the Common file into your projects right beside your newly lean Assembly file.To do this, right click on your project and choose Add | Existing Item from the context menu.Navigate to your Common file but instead of clicking Add, click the little down-arrow next to add and choose “Add as Link.” You should see a little link graphic similar to this: We’ve actually reduced complexity a lot already, because if you build all of your assemblies will have the same common info, including the product name and our static (fake) assembly version.Let’s take this one step further and introduce a build script. -- Mike Mike Mc Intyre [MVP] all Problem is, that My. When distributing a library you often run up against versioning problems, once facet of which is simply determining which version of that library your client is running.

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