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Sandoval made the request as chairman of the state Homeland Security Commission, which met today by teleconference.A presentation will be prepared for the next meeting of the commission.

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Brian Sandoval today said he wants an assessment of how Nevada’s public schools are doing in regards to security following the horrific shooting deaths a week ago at a Connecticut elementary school.Find out if aliens and Druids have anything to do with this majestic pile of rocks.Stuff to Blow Your Mind: Can computers be 'creative'?“I think it would be worthwhile perhaps if we had an item on the agenda where we could get some type of presentation of where our state stands in terms of school security,” he said. The latest offer from GOP House Speaker John Boehner (Continue reading…) CARSON CITY – Gov.“I’m interested in terms of what is best practices and (Continue reading…) CARSON CITY – As Rep. Am I willing to look at revenues that will reduce the debt, not to fund more government spending? Brian Sandoval today announced he has appointed Elaine Wynn to the state Board of Education, effective January 8, 2013.How Stuff Works NOW: Let’s Turn This Cheese Electric Ever tried to build a battery out of leftovers? Leave the task to the experts, such as the Arizona State University researchers who just made a functional supercapacitor out of cheese, seaweed and eggs. How Stuff Works explains how blockchain technology, which relies upon a shared record of transactions across a peer-to-peer network of computers, is taking over the world. Government By any measure Mark Zuckerberg's social media site is an enormous success. Listen in to learn more about Facebook conspiracy theories.Stuff to Blow Your Mind: Dogs are Such Show Offs - Science on the Web Man's best friend didn't get that name overnight. Learn more in this video from Stuff to Blow Your Mind. But who actually owns Facebook, and why do some people believe it's owned by the U. Stuff to Blow Your Mind: Can computers be 'creative'?Mark Amodei, R-Nev., prepared today to attend another briefing with his House Republican colleagues on the latest “fiscal cliff” negotiations, he said that he would consider tax hikes on the wealthiest Americans to reduce the deficit, but not to fund increased government spending. “Elaine has long been a vocal advocate for improving the delivery of education to our state’s children,” Sandoval said.“Am I willing to increase revenues to fund more government spending? “From her service to our state as co-chair of the Education Reform Blue Ribbon Task Force to her continued work with students in the greater Las Vegas area, Elaine is a dedicated champion for education and I am pleased she has agreed to serve in this manner.” Elaine Wynn.- Science on the Web Computer scientists have been working on the creativity problem for a while.Learn more about dreaming of electric sheep in this video from Stuff to Blow Your Mind.

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    Instead, as Michelle wrote in her blog, the inspiration came from the Bible. They named their first son Joshua (of biblical fame), and things took off from there. John was another biblical name, and wanting to name the girl twin Ana, after a family member, the parents decided to add a J in front (Jana) "for honor." They stuck with the custom into perpetuity, stating that they didn't want any future kids to be jealous that they weren't part of the J tradition.