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c*cept CIO worker* have brard of Rkhard Frankentteen It mu incredible thai wch a man—* rough hard-boiled bully —amid be on the thrrthold of becoming the economic and industrial dictator of the American people Bui he la. • Attorney General Francis Biddle sneaked up the fire stain to get hts orders, remarking: "I never thought I would do ibis for any man." Bui he did A* Biddle left the Presence Secretary Harold I Ickes entered hat in hand Later. (Fe fix Frankfurter, born in Au Una, and one oi tht world' i fading rtvolu- fionurtes. it at many targr induttrirt at we could »n J many date (or President of thr Uoitrd States on thr Communist Patn Hillmans dr to thr Congm* of tbr Red Trad* Union Internal! was in "th turn cl Inter- rtings i*nt" -tuh lu' Huuun revolution." With tbii mrruge cater a cablegram ftotn Losovsky. in "subscribing unrrn ■aid good withes of Comrade Foster." hailed tbr Amalg unidn "vor.viously preparing thr omthrow of thr capitj Iiahmrnt of thr dictatorship of tbr proletariat*' in Ametit [On nit mum from th* woe km' fatherland, Fovrr. eraanitrd a campaign for "induunal untoniim" ur Jcr tht autre, n . capable of earning llif •trngglr onward and forward lo lb* eoaipk Ae control of oil todnatrlra by lb* worker* through a Woiirn' Rrpn Mli .' He wa* r*opo*ing roolutiona "R no! Sidney Hillmin went hack to Motcow to bgn hh contrau with the Soviet Government and turn OTO the tlx Soviet Union in tfar fat* of tht United Sliid jownmtnl ba« Sum* ,000 000 00 reached Russia tr U ih U rose*, according to Commonisa «ti mates Ostensibly for "relief." the fundi wm nted largely to (want* tbr hog* Rrd Army needed to kevp thr Russian people in subjection "Thia wm a hand of solidarity whta the So net Union needed it moat." mm) tbr Communist weekly. "and Hi Uman has a letter of thanks from train for it " Encouraged by thu recognition ot. leadership Hillman then turned defeat into victory by joining anti-Communist John L Uw« in otfanizinf the Com mitt r« foe Ind«_ trial Organization. If one were disposed to question whether Hillman's allegiance would be to the United States or to the Communist cause, even in time of war. Scpou u.*u on* of tht otgamttti and a mrmbrr of tht Fxrcut,ct Com imtttt of tht Confrrrntt for Progmuvt Labor Action, tht purpot of whth. recsfe: "IT AIMS TO INSPIRE THE WORKERS TO TAKE CONTROL OF INDUSTRY . ABOLISH THF PRESENT CAPI- TALIST SYSTEU AND BUILD A WORKERS' REPUBLIC."] Sidney will hjv» no hesitancy in denying that he it a Communist. recanting former Ixi J of the Communist Party, is hit book. At other timet Sidney pictured himarlf aa a eonarrvative and reasonable union leader . Sidney discovered that the man at one time had been a minister in the Seventh-Day Ad vent iu Church He contrived to meet him and succeeded in sell tng himtelf at a fellow-worker in the t.ocd'i vineyard "We prayed together." Sidney explained later.

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Thit mat/ account for Iht fact that Capaol nrwtpaptr cormpandmtt rre truly -.■ores** m Ptrktnt "the- mott tisefru prrton in Wathinaton") Sidney'* principal duty was to adjust minor complaints of union member*. the Left-Wing Socialist*, elate to iht settlement bouse clique. When the union met in national convention in Nashville in 1914 it refused to seat the Red delegates, who then proceeded to bold a rump convention The liberal* and reformer* promptly recommended that Sidney be made president of tbe new IS organization Sidney, still in New York. clever columni«u and ihrewd commentator* are befuddled over the tum of event* They know a little of what went on behind the acene* . I'oliliral \rtion O.intnill I of ihr CIO to ■ commanding ooiitinu in ihr Ih-roorralw- Party roll* for ■ Know ■mil? Not onlr rank and file voter*, but »matt t*w«Tupennen. Richard Frankeniteen running labor and industry, ind Earl Browder at the political boa dictating from the sidelines If you think this farfetched, conitdec what hi* happened already: read the Red record and see how far the revolutionary forces have progressed toward their goal! almost immediately after the President turned over a half dozen American warships to Soviet Russia. Roosevelt full Communist tupport and made an impassioned plea to the American people to rally behind the 4th Term drive. They put on a "fight" with all tbr trimmings, and "lost" — everything bat the "ssckpot." In (rath, ii waa Sidney Hillman s convention Hr ran the show The old-time political bosses were there, of course But behind the irran Sidney was the arrogant laprr-Soat Perspiring party leaders wm allowed to bask in the ipotlight on tbe con- vention stage They went through the motions They fumed and ranted in stuffy smoke-filled rooma They were bullied and harried and pushed around and (hey knew it' And all tlx while in aolid comfort in hit official convention headquarters-— aa expensively appointed, air conditioned penthouse bungalow atop the Moeri- ton Hotel. government agents ha J raided an illegal Communist convention being held on the tan J dunes of Lake Michigan near Benton Harbor and had seized documents One significant item now in the Federal archives in Washington is a copy of a report by one of Soviet Russia's secret agent* in Amrrica who had been direct- ed to make a survey of the possibilities of "boring-from-within" the A F. would be tubaervient to tbote tame unit tir rinnrnu America cawt awaken on November 8 1944 to find Sidney Hill man making momcntoo* decuiona for and from the White Hin*e. They supplied balloons and banners and confetti and streamers and even Uncle Sam paper hats to make it tuck like thr rral Mc Coy. Sidney invited him to breakfait and while they toyed with thru phrasant eggs a U Rdsst. were taken to «rt up the CIO Political Ac- tion Commute* Or it could hiw its inception M j midnight mating in New York. the Senator apologetically broached his query 1 have not changed my mind.*' said Hil Jman La Jmr will never take Byrnes Bui Lmbor wilt /•»** uou! Tht Comma mutgattd the "patty lint" which culminated in and became the ba»k strategy of the current Cl O-Pohtiral Action campaign Comrade Brow dee wrote: "The- development of thr People'* Front ean proeml on! " C, ° rolt in *■ M,io B *« Po J«»l could be wnttcn a. David Dubiniky and bk Socialist followers last no tine in finding "a new political borne and political activity " They called a convention, in up j new political movement, named it the Liberal Partu* and at the first order of business nominated I ranklin D. He made a hit with the leading liberal*, tocul worker* and upliften. It wa» at the Henry Street Settlement that Sidney met Franca Perkim. Roosevelt as their candidate for Prrti Jeeit tbr first political party to name him for a 4th Term [Dr. a member of Hillman't National Cituem PAC, bt cam* Vice Chairman of iht Liberal Partu Nitbuht it head of tht Union for Democratic Action which tponmred the fun Smear end Purge C oner em tarn, patgn ] On tbr following day tbr Communists disbanded as a political party (so that thry could more successfully bore-lrora-within" tbr Democratic Party), but without delay tbey reconstituted ibemfclves at tbr Communitt Political Associa- tion — changing tbr party name lor the arvmtb time— and endorsed President Roosevelt lor a 4th Term-- a mere formality to ratify tbr official stand talon editorially by tbr Communist nrwipjper. among other imprisoned "workers," be mnwd a post-graduate course in Marxist theories. following an right* month strrtch for revolutionary activity, be fled to England, thro came to Amrrira On August 10, 1907, Sidney Landed at [.lit* Island . They helped bring pressure to beat to insure union "gains" through the strike and. then » leading Go Good rt and subsequently Secretary of Labor in the New Deal Cab- inet. the cheap trickery, the doable crating and tkullduggery. kacw that "Hank" Wallace was a political liability and had to br plowed under. however, to have him slaughtered openly (likr those little pigs) and to in order to tavr face and give a free demonstration of "democracy" at work, they put on a rowdy (how Despite thr public blaring for nomination of Wallace at trier- pert iden till candidate, his name was carefully emitted from the CIO Political Action Com* muter platform adopted on June 16, 1944, a month before thr convention. , they have had a glimpe* of the underhanded hyplay.

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