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However, Stephen advised me that the thread could not be identified under the layer of lacquer and the nature of the lacquer itself has not been determined yet.

The bow is dated approximately 600 BCE, but may be later.

For part of this there is a groove on one side as just mentioned.Unlike later bows, with their broad lenticular or rectangular bending sections, this bow had a triangular section with the apex on the belly side of the limb.The back of the bow was slightly convex and formed the base of the triangle. For a greater part of the limb it had this unusual shape.Another feature that was rare in more recent traditional composite bows was that the tips were smoothly recurved.The recurves had string grooves on their belly sides like modern target recurve bows.Roman armies might have carried them even further west.Remains of later Roman archery equipment have been found in Britain, both grip scales and laths for the ears.Shanshan County, to the east of Urumqi, is on the Northern Route of the Silk Road, which splits in two to pass the extremely arid Takla Makan Desert.To the East is the Gobi Desert; to the west is the Tarim Basin, which drains the mountains to the north.The Scythians were prominent in the West between 750 BCE and 300 BCE.After that time they went into decline though enclaves survived into the current era in the Crimean peninsula.. The limbs themselves are of different lengths when measured from the central dip of the handle.

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