Was travis alexander dating someone else

Look, I get it — their eyes, noses, and skin tones are all pretty much identical.But according to TMZ's sources, Jenner said it's all just "a rumor with no basis in fact," and that "it's humanly impossible for Chung to be the dad because he never had sex with Kylie." Well, OK then.It’s much simpler than that -- greed, jealousy, anger, obsession, revenge.These base human emotions still explain so much about bad human behavior and these are not part of DSM I, II, III or IV (or the soon to be released 5).Sometimes a person is just plain evil, and that is not a mental health diagnosis.Arias has gotten away with bad behavior all her life, and is now being held accountable -- maybe for the first time ever.When she finally realized Travis would never be hers, she calmly decided, “well, if I can’t have him, then nobody else will, either” and planned his death.

So, let's just take Jenner at her word that the baby is Scott's and move on now, OK? The theme this year was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, and Jenner pretty much slayed the game in her black cutout gown by Alexander Wang, punctuated with pulled back hair and a pair of tiny studded sunglasses. Scott was also decked in an all black look from Alexander Wang, that included some type of cross-body, military-inspired belt thing.

While one would think that the severity of the verdict would have her doing a bit of soul-searching and self-contemplation, she remains defiant. Minutes after her conviction, Arias was heard yelling at her attorneys.

Soon after that, unbelievably, she was in front of a KSAZ Phoenix camera and gave an exclusive interview.

Here’s the simple analysis: Arias was a spoiled, selfish brat, unable to handle Alexander's rejection.

She, like many in this day and age, wanted what she wanted -- NOW, and didn’t care what it took to get it.

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