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Getting to her own feet she addressed Scott "But you've not seen the best bit! Kneeling in front of her bound friend she placed her hands on the young woman's shoulders.

Abby gave a gasp of surprise as she was rolled onto her back, Jane knelt above her triumphantly as her plaything shuffled into position, her head against the floor and her crossed feet pointing upwards.

Even wearing jeans it was impossible to miss the suggestion, just in case Scott needed and more clarification my wife grasped her friends feet and pushed her own crotch towards her friend's.

For a moment she made mock thrusting movements, demonstrating what she'd do if Abby were suddenly robbed of what remained of her clothing and she were equipped with the appropriate genitalia."Tie her up like this," she instructed Scott "lie her on her back and fuck her senseless! Her hand strayed to the denim clad pussy of her friend "Would you like that? Abby shuffled, the strain of the strict bondage beginning to take its toll on her body "Yes! Part 2 Pressing the button on the remote I channel hopped yet again. I sighed and was about to give up when my phone vibrated in my pocket. I'd not spoken to my friend since he'd visited the previous evening.

Author's Note: I've been playing with this idea for a while but I've never been happy with it, the transition into misbehaving always seemed too forced.

I've marked it as part one as now I've introduced Abby and Scott to some of the more adventurous ideas the sky is the limit! The question was directed at me but my wife intercepted and answered instead. "They were talking about the long awaited instalment to a romantic series we'd all been reading. But the kinky stuff (which is of course why we all read it), I was hoping for something a bit more exciting than a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold."Abby didn't reply so my wife continued "Remembering when he was learning how to tie her up in the first book?

I tied Abby's arms into a simple box tie, after such dramatic bondage for her breasts I sensed she'd appreciate the comfortable position.

""Uh huh..." Nerves moved into my stomach and made me feel queasy."Abby and I were trying it out..." He admitted "but we got a bit stuck..." I began to breathe again, at least I hadn't alienated my friend!I cinched the tie making sure that my subject was going nowhere, smiling I reached for the last length I would need.I made a show of finding the midpoint of the rope as Abby adjusted herself in her seated position, each movement caused her bound breasts to bounce inches from my face. Scott was a lucky man I decided as I examined her body, I glanced at my wife.Twice over her breasts and twice below before taking a second piece and cinching between her boobs pinching the ropes together. "With my wife's consent I began to wrap the trailing ends of the rope around Abby's boobs.As instructed I pulled tightly, squeezing each breast until it formed a tight ball.I paused for moment, recognising the familiar expressions of fear, excitement and arousal cross her face.Her breathing was shallow and fast, the stringent breast bondage preventing her from expanding her lungs to the full."Hands behind your back." I commanded.I gawked for a moment before my wife rescued me."Show her what I'm talking about! I stood there for another moment, staring at Abby's breasts trying to fathom what Jane was asking. Properly, none of that soft crap...""Ok..." I agreed, glancing quickly around the room to see if there were any objections.When everyone remained silent I reached into my bag to pull out a length of rope."Abby raised her eyebrows "You're saying that the thing in the caravan, with the rope and the riding crop was tame!?"Jane frowned, for the first time she turned to me "Go and get your stuff from upstairs..." She turned back to her friend "Ok, I'm going to show you want I mean."Swallowing the last of my cola I disappeared to find the bag where we kept our best toys. I don't know what had taken place while I'd been upstairs but Abby was topless, stripped to her waist wearing only jeans and socks with her blouse and bra lying nearby.

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