Webcam round chat

I like this look because it’s not completely flat which is what I would get if I left the lights in the position you see them in the “setup” image.By moving the light to my side, just behind my shoulder, it creates a more cinematic look, shaping my face with light and shadow while still providing fill and a back light. How you chose to place your lights is completely up to you and the look you are going for.Now that you’ve seen it, you’ll see “catch lights” in everything you watch on TV and film. I said I was using a three-point lighting setup but in reality I’m only using two lights.The third light in a three-point lighting setup would traditionally be placed behind and above my head and shoulders in order to put some light onto one side of my hair and shoulders.I’m using the Logitech C920 plugged into my i Mac with an app called Webcam Settings that allows me to control critical elements of my camera like white balance, brightness, contrast, focus, etc.

That will be another post;) But if you want to know, that’s an ATR2100 microphone on the desk, it’s about (the AT2005 is the same mic and is often cheaper) and it’s all you need for fantastic sounding audio with your online broadcasts. Please read my ethics statement as it relates to products I link to.

The key is to get adequate amounts of light in front of your face so the audience can easily see you and the camera will look it’s best.

You can accomplish this with any lights you have in the house, office or wherever you are broadcasting from.

If the rings disappear and a green dot appears it means that A has B’s chat dialog box opened but B is currently chatting with someone else or maybe B is active on Facebook.

That's what I interpreted after a 5 minute long experiment.

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