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In this country houses and contracts are equally elastic. They lay two places at a little table, and return to the house.) Everywhere in the world the roving Yankee takes his pleasure and his profit, indifferent to all risks. (He breaks off to offer a drink to Sharpless.) Milk punch or whisky? He drops anchor at random till a sudden squall wrecks the ship, hawsers rigging and all... PINKERTON I've bought it for nine hundred and ninety-nine years, with the right, every month, to cancel the agreement. (Goro hurries from the house, followed by two servants bearing glasses, bottles, plates, cutlery and two wicker chairs. GORO (overhearing, comes forward.) A garland of fresh flowers, a star with golden rays... However, despite receiving audience approval for the newly rewritten score, he went on to draft three more versions of the opera.By 1907, he had finished his fifth and final version of the opera, which has now become the standard edition for most performances of , Lieutenant Pinkerton is a soldier from the United States stationed in Japan, who rents a house from a real estate agent/marriage broker. He will call Butterfly from the distance I without answering Stay hidden A little to tease him, A little as to not die. GORO (claps his hands and two men and a woman enter and kneel before Pinkerton.) This is the maid who was your bride's faithful servant before.

He's not satisfied with life unless he makes his own the flowers of every shore...

GORO (udendo, si avanza.) Una ghirlanda di fiori freschi, una stella dai raggi d'oro.

SHARPLESS The day before yesterday she came to visit the Consulate. Se Vostra Grazia mi comanda ce n'ho un assortimento...

è un facile vangelo che fa la vita vaga ma che intristisce il cor.

Così mi sposo all'uso giapponese per novecento novantanove anni.

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