When to say i love you dating married after 3 months of dating

Finally, ladies, if you feel a man is telling you those magic words a bit prematurely, feel very free to say something like, “That’s great.

Now prove it.” Because that’s where the rubber hits the road, eh?

Personally, it has taken me months of exclusively dating someone to even start considering the idea of loving them.

That might be because I’m a bit selfish, but it’s also because I want to be sure I don’t make promises that I might not be ready to keep.

That's is also the time when couples change their social media statuses to make their relationships public.

If you truly love someone, you’re going to do something about it.

It turns out the average amount of time to wait before saying "I love you" is five months.

Tell them too soon and you might spoil it; wait too long, you might never get the chance.

But to even begin to answer the question of when, you must first answer the bigger question: What does “I love you” even mean?

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