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Wait a minute, that sure sounds a lot like the vows once made to a special person called your spouse…You made a promise, and now you must make decisions that honor your promise.The good person in you won’t want to hurt them (your opposite-sex friend) or your spouse because neither one deserves to be hurt. These situations can seem complicated, but they are actually quite simple to understand.*Disclaimers* Yes, you can have friends of the opposite sex.Don’t keep going to lunch alone with that co-worker.Don’t let that friend in on what you’ve been thinking and wrestling with lately, especially if you haven’t let your wife in! Hanging out with the opposite sex alone is not just asking, it’s begging for problems.But what I am saying is, the unavoidable progression of relationships is something that is far to easily ignored, for how dangerous they can be.If ignored and dismissed for too long, you’ll be in a relationship too deep to stop.

We must not be tempted to base our decisions on our current season. I think by asking this question you are also asking, “Where is the line, and how close can I get to it?They are in a fluid state of giving and taking energy and effort.Every time you give to someone else the percentage on that scale changes in their favor.Here is my experience with this type of situation: While I was in college in Santa Barbara, I had a good friend that was a girl. This started to cause a lot of issues with Auj and I… Audrey had asked me many times to stop hanging out with this girl as frequently as I was. I was wrapped up in my “harmless” relationship with this girl.Simultaneously, Audrey and I were in a long-distance relationship. but I couldn’t understand why, because in my mind we were just friends, maybe even in her mind too. There came a time where, despite my lack of understanding at the time, if I wanted a healthy relationship with Audrey, I had to say goodbye to my friend.For Audrey and I, our boundary is that we don’t hang out alone with anyone of the opposite sex. If so, then don’t make room for relationships that will cause your spouse to doubt, feel jealous, compare themselves, or even feel like they are missing out.if one of us has respectfully asked the other not to. Don’t send that completely innocent text about “work stuff” after hours.The more you give to someone else, the less you have for your wife or potential spouse.And once you are married, your wife is the most important relationship you have besides your relationship with the Lord.Vladimir, The ONLY people here on the face of the Earth that your of the Eastern Orthodox Churches CANNOT nor WILL EVER ‘ask forgiveness’ is from……those of us Baptized into the Mystical Body of Christ of the WESTERN, LATIN, ROMAN CHURCH! Nathanael’s upcoming month of DONATIONS he might from anyone that YOU DIDN’T READ my links explaining 1) ‘The Filioque’ and 2) The Bishop of Rome AS Apostolic Successor to the Office of St.

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