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Other fans were worried that his “new office” signaled the beginning of the end for Zalfie.

If you recall, Shane Dawson got a “new office” and broke up with Lisa Schwartz.

They were wondering why he didn’t just use one of the many rooms in the massive Zalfie house.

“For me and my friends to chill, hang out, film videos, and play crazy videos and adventures. I want this place to be like the Brighton You Tube hub.” “You guys know how much I love stupid gadgets.

CONSIDERED internet royalty, blogger Zoella has her own waxwork in Madame Tussauds, books, a lifestyle range and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Her site reportedly earns £50,000 a month and she has recently been named the most powerful beauty vlogger by Forbes Magazine.

Zoella is like the sister you never had but always wanted. Her debut novel Girl Online was released in November 2014.

A sequel, Girl Online: On Tour was released in 2015 and a third entitled Girl Online: Going Solo was released in November 2016.

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    ) until mid-2017 when he had moved to Inverway to be the overseer.