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She is also shown to be very brave as she agreed to The Flash's plan for her to masquerade as her Earth Two counterpart to lure out Zoom, despite the risk.

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Light and pretend to kill The Flash in an effort to trick Zoom into emerging from the breach where he could be captured by the team. Light's suit, helmet and gloves created by Cisco Ramon to simulate Light's powers, she was trained to practice her accuracy by shooting cardboard cutouts of The Flash. Labs, where he tossed her off but she was saved when Barry rotated his arms to create wind tunnels and slow her fall and she was told to run. Light, Linda relocated to Coast City with a friend for the time being.

Having doubts about her abilities to pull off the plan, Barry visited her and motivated her that she could do it and that he believed in her, before removing his mask and revealing himself as The Flash, leaving her stunned. Light" managed to successfully pull off acting like Light and removed Barry's emblem, throwing it through the breach. It's apparent she move there for good even though the threat of Zoom being after her is gone as nobody mentioned her being being back in the city although it's unknown if post Flashpoint reality played a part in this. She is also very fast in relationships and dating as she was already making out with Barry on their second date when Barry had made plans for them to go out.

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Life could be no better for Isabel - but as far as her mother and friends are concerned, she will be a spinster is she doesn't find a husband soon.Light attacks her workplace and everyone escapes except for her, Iris, and Eric. Linda is shaken that someone who looks like her wanted to kill her and murdered her boss, but is thankful for Iris' intervention.The villain tells Linda of her plan to kill her and take over her life. She is taken into police custody by Patty Spivot until the Flash captures her villainous counterpart. Light escaped from the The Pipeline by hijacking the security systems, Barry devised a plan to have Linda pose as Dr.As part of a failed plan to capture "Zoom", Linda also briefly masqueraded as Dr. After Barry Allen and an intoxicated Caitlin Snow performed a duet at a bar, Linda Park complimented Barry's singing.She then gave Barry her number and told him he could do what he wished with her number.Find the best hand selected sex dating sites listed and sorted by quality!There isn’t many dating sites that end up been listed here for many reasons!Maggie is thrilled when Mitch, her long time crush, moves back to town.When she learns Mitch's love for Christmas has drastically changed, she tries to bring his holiday spirits back by showing him the magic of Christmas.Linda, unaware of this, believing he still harbored feelings for Iris, decided to end things, only for Barry to prove his worth by threatening to eat a very spicy pepper (referencing to their second date) if she didn't agree to go out with him.Barry eventually decides to break up with Linda after he finds out that Iris loves him (though his relationship didn't kick off due to his time travel).

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