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Moreover its insistence on being labelled "art" - traditionally a bourgeois event - sits awkwardly alongside its anti-establishment ethic.

Performance now includes events and "happenings" by visual artists, poets, musicians, film makers, video artists and so on.

Fluxus was an avant-garde group of artists (its name means "flowing" in Latin) led by the Lithuanian-born art theorist George Maciunas (1931-78), which first appeared in Germany before spreading to other European capitals and then New York City, which became the centre of its activities.

Its stated aims - a confusing mixture of "revolutionary" and "anti-art" art forms - carried on the traditions of Dada, focusing on Happenings (known as Aktions in Germany), and various types of street art.

Revealingly, over the past 20 years, the Turner Prize for Contemporary Art has been won by 2 painters, 0 sculptors, and 10 installation artists. It started out by depicting a more up-to-date reality, using images of film-stars and other celebrities, as well as mass-made consumer goods.

But this was rapidly eclipsed by an increasing post-modern focus on impact and style.

A good example is the series of self-destructive machines - probably the most famous examples of kinetic art - created by the Swiss artist Jean Tinguely (1925-91).

The origins of Conceptualism go back to Dada and the early 20th century avant-garde artist Marcel Duchamp, but it wasn't until the 1960s that it became a recognizable movement and acquired a name.Some experts point to the fact that the postmodern era demands more than the passive experience of "viewing" a work of art, and that Conceptualism provides a more interactive experience.Whether this added entertainment value helps an "idea" to qualify as a work of art, is rather doubtful.Emerging in America and Europe in the early 1960s, Performance art is an experimental art form inspired by Conceptual art, as well as Dada, Futurism, the Bauhaus and (in America) the Black Mountain College.Performance is generally supposed to be characterized by its "live" nature - the fact that the artist communicates directly with the audience - and its impact, whether amusing or shocking, must be memorable.By contrast, postmodernist artists have less interest in this kind of product and more interest in the ideas behind it.This helps to explain the growth of new types of art - such as installation art (including sound and video installations), conceptualism (a wide category of 'ideas art'), happenings (type of performance art), video installations, projection mapping, and outdoor earthworks (environmental constructions) - in which either there is no finished product to speak of, or else it is transient and recorded only as an 'event'.It has been suggested that this has the characteristics of a Conceptual artwork, because walking past the huge pile of shoes helps us to comprehend the terrifying reality of the gas chambers.Indeed it does, but frankly it doesn't turn the shoes into a work of art, or indeed any type of artistic statement.For works by one of Europe's first conceptual artists, please see also: Yves Klein's Postmodernist art (1956-62).An illustration of this issue is the large collection of shoes in the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, which belonged to Nazi concentration camp victims.

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