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In my top 4 dramas along with W, Scarlet Heart and Suspicious Partner. The plot, the setting and the characters fit together perfectly.they worked hard to put food on the table, have a roof on our heads etc ..(I know they kissed on the cheek but that didn’t meet my standards ? this drama proved that all we need is chemistry than fake kiss..chemistry between all cast.... I 'm waited for kiss scene..lastly I'm smile..on.school drama.. The story feels so real for me, good job writer-nim. Whatever about the rank in KR, but I do know that so many international fans love this drama over the world. Thumbs up for Sejeong, she deserve to get the lead role. Anyway, I have watched School 20, but compare with those, I like School 2017 more more and more. whether these series is not in top 20 for me its the top 1 I love these series very very much. Anywayy i really love this drama ❤❤❤ Why is it not ranked? It is relatable for all students having a hard time with their life. Also, I love the fact how the drama perfectly depicts how important values and morals are compared to grades. Actually I quite enjoy this show but after I watch a brillian & superb drama like Secret Forest which cannot even be compared with this one, I quit school 2017. It is bcs sf is too good and the gap w/ school 2017 is too big.) I haven't watched the other School k-dramas but having read the rave about this online, I gave it a chance. Also Se Jeong, Jung Hyun you guys make my day feel so cheerful! It tells so much about how important school is and how important friendship was. It is too hard to move on from sf:( sorry Tae Woon-ah:( I marathoned the current episodes over the last few nights and it's one of the best dramas of this year for me.The media spotted him at Incheon airport this week and he was looking so squirrely one would think he was persona non grata rather than simply a former star with a rock bottom reputation.The outfit and his demeanor are just no bueno, please just quietly go away dude, but sadly he won’t as he’s been promoting in Japan and seems to still have a career there.It also had similarities with Cheer Up/Sassy Go Go. Sejeong and Junghyun’s chemistry was really strong! This drama is sooo good I am totally in love with it! I enjoyed watching this drama but this surely isn't the best out there! OI/Gugudan's Sejeong and totally see her as the character she's playing.

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I love the works of the screenwriter So Hyun Kyung but have been unable to hit play due to personal opinions with the casting.

Ratings can be bad but am sure they do not present totally the 100% review of people's views, love and support towards it coz for the record, it is one among the top popular and cool dramas of 2017. I loved the series, it had a great concept just like School 2015. Holding hands, simple kiss on a cheek, sitting next to each other, looking with each other are still makes me excited about these two... Student X (which is the main story) was great idea. Hope to see these leads in other fun shows, OTP is super cute, loved every feel. I watched all 14 eps in a row but it feels like I just watched only 1 ep. I nver imagine I would compare the male lead to my fave korean actor of all time lee minho. It's kinda not makes sense to watch but indeed I enjoyed it so much. i like all other characters too..drama is so suitable for youths...???? I don't know why, I just love watching the characters and the story is not bad at all.

I learned a lot from this drama, it is way too beautiful and inspirational. Thanks school 2017 for giving my lovely couple lemonade couple ❤️ Kim Jung Hyun and Kim Sejeong are the only couple i've seen so far that even not doing any kissing scene were just fine.. Or how to manage not to squeal watching our "Lemonade" couple's antics? They create X to critize the mistakes overlooked by adults. But truthfully X is just a way to discover their real self I just wanna say thanks School 2017 for bringing wonderful journey Omo. The only problem of this drama is the first episode. School 2017 focus on how teenager pursuing their dreams and internal school problem (such as corruption in school and discrimination between students), which is more suitable for High School drama. Somehow I felt that sometimes the romance was too cute for High Schooler. But still, everyone love our lemonade couple (who doesn't? You can call me weird but if they were real couple, I would wish for them to be couple until they get dreams and get married (lol :3) . The story will make you hooked from start to finish. Your hard work gave me a reason to keep looking forward to Mondays and Tuesdays. And for the girl eun ho,for a first timer,two thumbs up! They're Jung Hyun, Sun Hwa (as a Police Woman in 2017 but appear as main heroine in Binggoo along side with Jung Hyun) and Dae Hwi (he played as Jung Hyun's best friend in the past). But somehow I managed to watch till episode 10 in just a day and a half.

Hope to see more drama with sejeong and jung hyun as a lead. and by the way, Jang Donghyun looks like Kim Soo-Hyun This is a very good drama. And although I've liked Sejeong before I watched this drama, this drama made me love her more. But in the end, I don't really mind as long as taewoon and eunho get many moments, because they're the reason I watched this drama in the first place. I never left a comment, but I need to really give an opinion on this low rating thing. If you're looking for a rom-com that won't tax your brain too much, it's a good one to watch. I don't understand why it's still NR when this drama is so so so good. people born with golden spoon has all opportunities ..

Actually, i think 2015 is much better than this one. The story is addicting, chemistry of eunho and taewoon is crazy, the ending is perfect too in my opinion. But it's lacking in screentime of the other characters. Bora and younggun also make up with each other all of sudden in the last ep, without explanation how they make up. I can say this is the best school series I've watched. I never comment on these pages, but omg i have to rant about the unjust airtime for the side character :( . I prefer this one than School 2013 and School 2017. life is unfair but someone can be brave enough to change something for others... Wakaka I am so glad Kim Jung hyun is older than me.

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