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He had no close friends and was bullied almost constantly, once getting severely hurt by a boy name De’Angelo Bailey.

He would later name him in the song “Brain Damage” off the “Slim Shady LP”.

His family would move constantly and his mother had a hard time holding down a job.

He attended multiple schools per year and this sense of being an outsider would impact the young Eminem’s personality.

Excessively violent and darkly comedic, his irreverent take on the grotesque won him fans the world over. Eminem was born on October 17th, 1972 in St Joseph, Missouri.

His father left the family while he was still an infant, and would subsequently rebuff all attempts at contact that Eminem proffered. His childhood was as turbulent as you would expect.

The lead single “My Name is” featured an unusual blend of childish humor, explicit lyrics and a smattering of violence, an almost unique thing in rap at the time.

The lyrical content of the album was nothing like what was to come, focusing on his difficulties raising his daughter.

Surpassing the record set by Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle” for the fastest-selling hip-hop album.

The album was only half produced by Dre this time and you can really hear the differences in style.

He identified with the nihilistic rage of early nineties rap, he cites N. He joined various rap groups in the early nineties, there’s that N. He was arrested for the first time at twenty for participating in a drive-by shooting, with a paintball gun.

The case was thrown out when the victim didn’t show up to court.

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