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So, I went to the Paramount lot and met him in his very nice office, and I didn’t really expect anything until he went right ahead and was talking about a really awesome, cool part that he had for me, but he didn’t tell me too much. We had a great day, but I didn’t know her, so I was a little bit afraid.

There was really no script, at the time, but I was a fan of the first season of and I said that I would be a part of anything that he was envisioning for me. Physically, the whole stuff with James was demanding, with that huge fight scene for hours and hours and hours. It was fun, too, but you have to be very focused with those scenes. We were trying to be very focused about it, but at the same time, we wanted to be really raw and dangerous.

She also talked about how she chooses her roles, that she’s writing her first novel, and what she’d like to see from her character in Season 2 of the BBC America drama series Question: How did you get involved with this show? When I read the script, I wished for a second that they could let her linger a little longer and be Anne Frank. With a lot of historic figures, you think, “What if they weren’t dead? What were the biggest challenges for you, with this role? I was starting with all these lines, and the magic is always in between the lines.

FRANKA POTENTE: I got asked to take a general meeting with (show co-creator) Ryan Murphy. POTENTE: Probably my first day with Jessica [Lange] because I had so many lines. You want to say the lines right, but you want to get to the point where you can play with your scene partner and you just want to go beyond that.

:: A cool cartoon thingy from Julia's Elijah Wood Page Thanks Zombie! :: An Elijah Wood audio interview - Thanks Ani ::: A little pic of Elijah from an optical site - Thanks Ani :: A cute new picture from Zombie :) Thanks :: LOL, i love this!! :( Well, you can count of this site staying up for a lil longer (it's already been up for 9 months!! ) :: Amy made me a cool new banner (thanks girl): :: Geez, i didn't know that not having Elijah news pissed so many people off. So don't tell me to hurry up and get news cause there ain't any!! :: An article about Elijah filming in New Zealand - Thanks Autumn! Geez." Thanks Moe W :: Scarlett sent me a cool wallpaper which she made. :: Uploaded some new galleries: [Gallery 37] [Gallery 38] [Gallery 39] :: Got any news? The next update will probably be on Wednesday - maybe earlier if i get anything interesting :: Hey everyone!

[view] :: Quick update just to say that i probably won't be updating this week until i finish my maths exams. (sorry, just so that i don't have to reply to people individually) :: OK, but some nice people did send me news :) Like the lovely Adriana who found a site with some more pics from the Sydney premiere from The Lord of the Rings Fanclub. ) :: Got lots of new affiliates: Did i miss anyone? :: Ani sent me another picture of Elijah and Franka at that hockey game - shame about the quality though. [view] :: Anna sent me a cool new poster of Elijah from a Finnish magazine 'Suosikki'. :: Not sure if I've posted this up yet: Osbournes talking about Elijah Thanks Autumn! Well i've finally gotten my act together and gotten a co-webmaster - well sort of. Elijah Wood has agreed to star in "Thumbsucker," playing an orally obsessed Minnesota teenager who half-involuntarily still sucks his thumb. Here Thanks Quaxo :: Quaxo also informs us:.....: ELIJAH CONTEMPLATES SCHOOL!

:: Some pictures of a much younger Elijah singing :) [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] Thanks Anna :: Umberta sent me the link to The LOTR pre-MTV awards show. :) :: Some more cool pics from the MTV thing thanks to the Bag End Inn (great site by the way) [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] [pic 5] [pic 6] [pic 7] [pic 8] [pic 9] :: Some cool MTV clips which you can download.

The site is in another language, but i'm sure you know where to click :) (there are 2 parts to the Elijah one) Plus a cool pic from the MTV awards.

Après quelques téléfilms en Allemagne, Franka Potente acquiert une notoriété internationale en 1998 grâce au thriller Cours, Lola, cours ! Après cet énorme succès en Allemagne, qui la voit arpenter les rues de Berlin à la recherche de son petit ami, l'actrice s'illustre dans le film d'horreur Anatomie puis dans le drame romantique The Princess and the warrior, à nouveau devant la caméra de Tom Tykwer.

The dramedy stars Niecy Nash as the owner of a Florida nail salon that begins laundering money.

The cast also includes Carrie Preston, Harold Perrineau, Jenn Lyon, Judy Reyes, Karrueche Tran, Jason Antoon, Kevin Rankin, Jack Kesy, and Dean Norris.

I would love to explore that a little bit more and have her have more of an active part of what’s going on in this men’s world. She’s cutthroat, and I would like to see that a little bit more.

Après avoir étudié l'art dramatique, à l'école Otto Falckenberg de Munich et au célèbre Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute à New York, Franka Potente est repérée par un agent de casting dans un club berlinois.

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