Who is gavin newsom dating

Gavin Newsom and his wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, walked out of a catcall booth at the California Democratic Party convention this past February, appearing alarmed. "Horrifying." The art installation, aimed at mimicking women being taunted on the streets by men, sought to draw attention to sexual harassment and the objectification of women.

"It's women being treated as objects for the male gaze," she said in February.

She has long served as her husband's fiercest proponent.

Shortly after they started dating in 2006, she defended him from political attacks following the affair he had before the two met.

"I think those are areas where it's just a natural fit for me." Siebel Newsom also said it would be "natural" for her to play a role on women's issues and other areas related to income inequality.

She's in the middle of making a new documentary called "The Great American Lie," about inequality in America. He's like my best researcher, and he's learned so much from my films, and I've learned so much from his work." Siebel Newsom says it's her passion and purpose in life to elevate women.

The actress and documentary filmmaker also regularly appears alongside him at campaign and fundraising events.

California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom's past sexual misconduct disqualifies him from holding higher office, rival Democrat Amanda Renteria said Thursday, and he should resign from his position as lieutenant governor.

"If he was in the Legislature right now, he'd be called out, and like what we've seen, being forced out," Renteria said in an interview with The Sacramento Bee.

In October, a Los Angeles street artist hung door signs mocking Newsom's behavior throughout the neighborhood where actress Reese Witherspoon was holding a fundraiser for him.

Siebel Newsom said she understands the behavior, having spent much of her adult life working to empower women.

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