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Ask yourself what is more important: tradition or originality, harmony or distinction.

Hopefully, Inspired Baby Names from Around the World will give you insight and choice in finding that perfect name, a blessing that your child will carry into the future.

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One of the most unusual Puritan names was Through-Much-Trial-and-Tribulation-We-Enter-the- Kingdom-of-Heaven — or “Tribby” for short (thank goodness! 1 In colonial times, parents might open the Bible and randomly point to a word, and so Notwithstanding Griswold and Maybe Barnes were created.2 That might seem a bit too random, but whatever your approach, finding the perfect name for your child can illuminate what your values are.Many parents like traditional names, while others opt for contemporary names.Today, several baby name trends are influencing modern prospective parents, particularly names drawn from colors, locations, trees, and flowers.Popular color names include Blue, Hazel, Hunter, Fern, Kelly, Jade, Olive, Ruby, Violet, and Scarlett.Names also frequendy celebrate valued ideals or personal qualities that it is hoped the child will possess.For example, German, Scandinavian, and Scottish names often reflect strength, valor, and other “warrior” traits.To others, religion is a major factor in choosing a name.Some name their children after historical or popular figures, while others simply want a name that sounds right.American Indian and African names can reflect aspects of nature or other living things.Celtic names usually emphasize physical characteristics, geographic locations, and aspects of gods and goddesses.

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